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Strength & Conditioning simply put is “the practical application of sports science to enhance / improve movement quality”, this is grounded in evidence based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy.

Improving movement capacity along with strength, speed & power can greatly help improve sports performance, along with this we also focus on working to reduce injury risk as this alone can help to prolong and accelerate not only your sports career / training or competing lifespan, but also improve everyday life challenges.

Methods such as initial assessment / screening, mobility, core strength / stability, plyometrics, agility, strength, speed, power, specific weight training techniques and more are used.

I am a fully qualified / accredited Strength & Conditioning coach through S&C Education, which is owned and delivered by one of Europe’s top coaches, Brendan Chaplin, along with his team of qualified UKSCA coaches.

My background began in professional football, having played for over 10 years for clubs in UK and abroad, before moving into personal training and finally Strength & Conditioning, as I really enjoy working with like minded sports people who want to improve their physical and mental capacity to perform their chosen sport to a higher level. As being a former professional athlete myself I fully understand what its like to make sacrifices to train / compete, return from injury (knee surgery, various fractures, muscular issues in my case), go through tough training blocks, failures and success’ of my sport etc so I feel I have a good mutual understanding with fellow athletes as I have also been there and done it and know exactly how you feel.



As a professional footballer I competed in the UK and abroad, playing against Premier league clubs, competing in European competition in the UEFA cup and gaining International honours.

Within Strength & Conditioning I have worked with semi-professional football teams like Cambridge City FC and Bishops Stortford FC and individually with clients that train/compete in sports such as Brazilian Jujitsu, rowing, triathlon, duathlon, squash, distance running, netball.

Benefits of strength & conditioning;

  • Improve movement patterns
  • Reduction in risk of Injury
  • Improved sporting performance
  • Improve / even out muscular imbalances
  • Improve mobility and stabilise joints
  • Increase strength, speed and power
  • Enhanced coordination and perperial ability




£60 for initial consultation and physi-kal screening


Further sessions arranged post assessment/screen


The Trinity Centre, 24 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0FN


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